Wellbeing Coaching

We are an NHS-accredited team of PCI-qualified Health and Wellbeing Coaches dedicated to providing personalised health and wellbeing coaching services to individuals through tailored one to one or group sessions.


Our expertise

Our expertise lies in leveraging coaching skills, behaviour change models, and positive psychological tools to assist individuals in achieving their health and wellbeing objectives, fostering self-improvement.

We offer support to individuals, including adults and children and young people, grappling with mild mental health concerns such as low mood, anxiety, depression, stress, social isolation, financial worries, and personal challenges in various community settings across the West Midlands.

Our Holistic Approach

Using a holistic methodology, we help individuals identify the necessary support to enhance their overall wellbeing. Our services cater to those experiencing mental health challenges who may not be seeking professional NHS interventions or meeting specific NHS criteria.

Through coaching and gentle physical activities like gardening, nature walks, creative arts, gentle movement exercises, and mindfulness practices, we aim to provide essential support.

Our activities serve as a platform for individuals to openly discuss their mental health concerns. By maintaining regular communication and demonstrating the positive impact of such activities from an early age, we strive to cultivate behaviours that contribute to reducing the recurrence of mental health issues.

Empowering individuals

Our team of Health and Wellbeing Coaches is dedicated to empowering individuals to take an active role in their healthcare journey, fostering confidence in self-managing health conditions, overcoming obstacles, and working towards meaningful goals.