Our Values and Vision

We want to work with individuals at their own pace and our values embrace this for each person.

Our Values are core to our Mission, Vision and Aims and are about being READI to make a change.

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Nabila and Suriya have been angels on earth, both has been a solid shoulder to cry on, they has been uplifting with their advice and knowing someone is listening and understanding makes me feel strong again.


We will respect individual choices and promote inclusion, rights and independence.


Our Values also include Integrity, Honesty, Humanistic Centred Support, Dignity,
we value Diversity and are Committed to Equality.

Our Mission

  1. Creating opportunities for your wellness and over-all well-being.
  2. Providing opportunity, time and space that enable you to access various ways to wellbeing for your wellness and support you through low level interactions to support your mental health.
  3. Provide individuals with opportunities to access ways to well-being that empower you to have better wellness or health.

Our Aims

  1. To carry out activities with a focus on the preservation and promotion of health amongst people residing permanently or temporarily in the West Midlands and surrounding areas.
  2. To provide Physical Activities and Creative Activities and Information to promote and support long term positive mental health management through nutrition, physical activities and mindfulness.