The Very first Birmingham City wide Disability Festival takes place in 2 Days time

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On Saturday 6th July 2024, Ways for Wellbeing UK CIC are coordinating the inaugural Birmingham Disability Festival!  Hosted by Birmingham City University Curzon Building Venue, 4 Cardigan St B4 7BD.

This first festival coincides with Disability Pride month which is celebrated throughout the month of July. Disability Pride month provides a platform to create awareness and promote visibility of people who are living and thriving whilst also having a disability.

The word disabled creates an expectation and bias that we are not able to do things; and we are often not given the opportunity to showcase all the things that we can do. Birmingham Disability Festival will be a day of celebration that shows how people living with disabilities can thrive.

Birmingham Disability Festival Committee have organised this free inaugural event to showcase a wide range of disabled talent; aiming to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in Birmingham. As a disabled professional living and working in Birmingham, I am honoured to be attending an event which celebrates the diverse talent of our community.

Highlights of the Festival include dance performances from wheelchair based Freewheelin and Cerebral Palsy West Midlands, dance from FABRIC, music from a local Choir and Birmingham’s famous Night Owl set regular DJ Ben Love providing 2 DJ sets, with a live band in between. I am excited to enjoy the dance and music performances at the festival, and love to see creative arts that are accessible and inclusive for all.

Running alongside performances, attendees can take part in workshops including: Ways for Wellbeing UK and BMET College’s nature and wellbeing workshops around the themes of planting; Tai Chi and on the spot muscle therapy from Release and Repair’s Roland Baskerville.

During the festival there will be a chance to meet organisations run by people with disabilities who will be sharing their experiences and services in a dedicated marketplace. What an amazing opportunity to access these specialist services and insight from disabled leaders in our community.

According to the 2021 census, 19.9% of Birmingham residents identified as having a disability or long term condition which impacted their day to day living. The Birmingham Disability Festival is an amazing opportunity to build a community of likeminded individuals, and offers a safe space to get involved in activities and performances without judgement.

The festival is being held at Birmingham City University in the Curzon Building between 12pm to 4pm on Saturday 6th July 2024. I hope to see you all there!

Nadia Johnstone-Smith

Local Financial Planner

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